My 3 expectations:

1. Come prepared: mentally and physically (this is especially important - make sure to warm up prior to the lesson)!

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes: I am here to guide you and help you. Remember to archive and learn from any major takeaways! This allows for you to take something away from each experience.

3. Parents: Be involved! I can't tell you how often I have seen younger students excel while their parents are proactive in their experiences. Encourage them to practice (it's difficult for music teachers to compete with the temptation of iPhones, iPads, and Netflix binging - let's get creative together)! Come up with a reward system. Sit in on lessons. Take notes. Record a run-through with their accompanist. This - and much more - reinforces what has been discussed and accomplished during lessons.

Required Materials:
Students must own a well-maintained flute, as an instrument that is out of adjustment causes frustration and can initiate bad habits. Additionally, the student must also have a metronome and tuner, a music stand, a pencil, their assigned flute repertoire, and an assignment book to write down each week's assignments.