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  • Elissa May Murphy

We have a Studio!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Every freelance musician's dream is to have their own studio:

A room entirely devoted to their craft. It feels like this has been a long time in the making.

But at the mere age of twenty-five and twenty-four, I guess we haven't done so bad!

I have always pondered the thought of having a tiny home. Then I come back to reality and remember: I am dating a percussionist.

I suppose we'll have to suffice with a two-bedroom apartment in the middle of an arts neighborhood, for the time being - talk about blessed!

We're so glad to finally have a room devoted to music: Hours of practice, rehearsals, private lessons and writing (both orchestrally and for The Stedwells) have taken place in this very room. On the contrary, lots of Netflix-binging, card games, and hosting St. Patricks Day dinners have also taken place here!

This used to be our "living room" with just enough room to hold Alex's drumset, my instruments, and a music stand. We would slide over chairs from the kitchen for when the guys would come over and rehearse or when my students preferred to sit for their lessons. We didn't even have to buy a carpet to put underneath the kit: this one was left from former tenants and really goes well with the space!

We've got quite the array of posters that match our coincidental music tastes: Arctic Monkeys, Walk the Moon, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and a signed poster from Mike Savino of Tall Tall Trees pictured below! His performance at Abeline Lounge in Rochester, NY may have been one of my favorite performances I have seen, to date.

I swear, there were ten people total; including Mike, including Alex and I, and including the bartender. We got to meet him and talk to him for a bunch after his performance. If you have no idea who this guy is, you have to give him a listen and support his artistic genius!

We used to have a poster of a young flutist here from my pops. Now it's the latest piece of artwork my dad gave to Alex for his twenty-fifth birthday! It was quite the nice upgrade, and looks extra spiffy now that we moved the bar into this space from the laundry room! For those of you who have seen our kitchen post, you can see that this bar is a matching set with the table we found in the basement when we first moved here. We still have one bottle of red wine left from the former tenant that had made seven and kept them in the downstairs basement (as if we haven't been blessed enough)!

And of course, it wouldn't be the Murphy / Durr household without some sort of audio contraption. Alex's parents' record player has a nice casing over top. Ours does, too, but it's too small and wouldn't fit over a playing record. That said, we're able to play vinyl while the kittens are able to take naps overhead.

Overall, this space is a nice way to formally conduct private lessons out of the comfort of our own home. The high ceilings and large windows allow for the room to feel very spacious and for natural light to come in.

We absolutely love it here and are looking forward to continue pursuing what brings us so much joy through this space.

What's your favorite feature of your creation sanctuary?

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