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How I'm Living Like a Parisian & How You Can Too

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

What Is All The Rage Of The Parisian Lifestyle?

I recently stumbled across an article by MindBodyGreen titled:

"Live Like A Parisian With These 10 Wellness Tips From French Women,"

Many friends of mine (mostly musicians) have traveled to France, particularly Paris. They are all obsessed with both country and city, respectively. I have never been anywhere remotely close to Europe. I know nearly nothing about Paris, nor France, for that matter. I was itching to learn all about their lifestyle; more so about their way of life versus ours here in the States.

Boy, am I glad I clicked this link! A major purpose of Les Décideurs (French for "makers," particularly "decision makers,") is for our multi-faceted arts and freelance communities from all around the world to connect with one another and discuss how to make our lives simpler in this crazy, busy world of ours.

Please do yourselves a favor and give the original article a read!

Here's how I am living like a Parisian in the States:

1. Drink Coffee Black

Though I had recently published a kitchen post raving about how I still use a classic coffee pot / filter system, our coffee pot ironically broke the following week (go figure).

In order to get my caffeine fix back (and fast), I purchased my first ever french press from one of my favorite, local gift shops: Parkleigh!

They even have a coffee station in their store where you can get fresh & local coffee grounds for a reasonable price! Another perk: black coffee is zero carb points (thanks a heep, live-a-betes).

Translation: I don't have to take insulin in order to enjoy. Score!

2. Skin Care Over Makeup Any Day

I hear so many women say, "I can't leave the house without applying makeup."

Maybe I was blessed with great genes (thanks mom and dad) but even if I didn't leave the house without makeup on - even just mascara or something to cover the dark circles under my eyes - I'm careless.

Less is certainly more: this is one of the most important things I have taken from the Parisian lifestyle.

3. Walking and Biking Everywhere

My favorite coffee shop is .1 miles away from my apartment. Glen Edith caffeinates my bloodstream and seconds as a quiet study where I can get my work done peacefully.

There are several other incredible shops and eateries around my area - all of which are within less than half a mile away. On lazy days, we bike to wherever we wish to go: out to eat, to the shops, and even to church!

When I have a day off and desperately need a manicure, pedicure, or trim: The salon is less than a quarter of a mile away.

Alex can grab a pint with friends at Three Heads Brewery, .1 miles away.

We could also treat ourselves to a cocktail at Nosh, just around the corner...

We are kiddy corner from the ever-lively Village Gate (you guessed it... .1 miles away).

Not only are we able to reduce our carbon footprint by walking and biking nearly everywhere: we are able to take in the seasonal foliages and get a little fresh air and exercise: it's truly a win-win.

4. Do Kitten-Twins Count As Children?

Growing up, my brother and I would go bowling at Riverside Lanes every Saturday, followed by church and religion classes every Sunday. Our parents - without a doubt - devoted their weekends to Christopher Matthew and I, and we grew up loving the tradition (so much that we bowled all the way through high school and went to church post-confirmation... well, at least I did). A weekend schedule devoted to mama and papa Murph was a rare sight... Always asking my mom how I will ever be able to repay her, she always says; "pay it forward"... does this mean I get to bring Calvin & Jet to work with me on the weekends?

5. Embrace Aging Gracefully

So this article states that Parisians don't try to be anything but themselves.

That stays true with getting older, looking older, and embracing their true selves. I think they understand the cycle of life. We can only do so much re-defining to make us "look younger" but we're all just gonna have to brace the fact that we're going to get old, meaning we're going to - someday - look "old." Once I got home from the hospital post-DKA diagnosis, I noticed my skin, hair, and nails weren't nearly what they used to be: I looked and felt washed out. Now that a year has flown by living with an additional autoimmune disease, I have slowly but surely discovered how to embrace it all. And aging will simply be what it's going to be. Lucky for me, I have invested in top of the line Parisian beauty products.

Read all about my skin care routine here!

6. Invest in Quality

What I lack in a beauty routine I make up for in shopping for clothes. MindBodyGreen's article states to particularly invest in a great-quality makeup remover. Since I'm not too much of a makeup junkie, I prefer to invest in greater-quality threads.

Quality > Quantity

Investing in higher-quality material will allow for my nearing-minimalist wardrobe to last ages longer, eventually saving money in the long-run!

That said, I have made the transition from Forever21 to JCrew, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. Get them used and significantly cheaper over on Poshmark. I've gotten so many of my favorite, high-quality pieces for about 30% of the retail value.

7. Treatyoself For Life

Having to regularly carb-count for my new and improved live-a-betic self, I have found ways of not depriving my life from sweets. These square chocolates are filled with salted caramel. One of these squares combined into a s'mores roasted at our bonfire throughout the year make this the perfect treat as we transition into cooler temperatures.

8. Supporting Local Business

Rochester has "support local" written all over it. From the local bakeries, coffee shops and small stores, to Wegman's. The baristas in this town become family. There is so much joy in this thriving city.

(But seriously... Wegman's could surpass as local, right?)

Though there are Wegman grocers all across the States, Rochester was where it all began. The quality of the food here never ceases to amaze. When you think something has already been perfected, Wegman's tops it.

9. Grandma Dorothy Jane's Makeup Advice

"HA! Are you kidding me?

I don't have any. I never got into that stuff.

What am I supposed to tell you?

All I do is put lotion on my face."


But Gram, what about all those things you used to tell me:

"You're only as old as you feel..."

"Age is only a number..."


"Oh yes, that too!"

She has also advised that I keep my curls in tact and that I'm killing my hair every time I straighten it.

Thanks, Gram! Love you to bits & pieces!

10. Wellness Rituals

I am trying my darnest to lock down a morning and nightly routine. Nevertheless, I am determined to get the following more heavily involved in my life for the new year:

* Take more bubble baths

* Treatyoself to a massage and facial every once in a while

* Haircare education

* Hug my boys often (Alex, Calvin, & Jet)

* Call my family more frequent

What do you take from the Parisian way of living?

Let us know in the comments below!

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