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  • Elissa May Murphy

4 Ways To Guarantee Work/Life Balance

Hello again, friends!

My beau & I have been running around tirelessly from one gig to another all year long, only to come home to continue teaching more lessons, practice for upcoming performances, and now even giving skype lessons! Weekends consist of more private lessons, rehearsing, scheduling the week ahead, and directing ensembles. I have most certainly talked about how 'busy' we are as freelancers in the recent past, but I hope to show you soon - firsthand - what exactly we do on the daily via my social sites! And by 'social sites' I mean Instagram, so be sure to click here and follow along this incredible freelance lifestyle of ours!

That said, with my health always being on the forefront, it's difficult to maintain a work / life balance, but I guarantee you that it is possible!

We work. And we work hard. And we work long days. It is very easy to get off track every now and again. But I know that we are not the only ones going through it, trying to become our own bosses, essentially. Here are just a few ways that Alex and I stay afloat!

1. Planning

Keeping a schedule (and a tidy one, at that) is key to tip-top life management. I know I'm not the only one beginning my days at 6am, working an 8-hour day, side hustling in the evening, and finally winding down at around 10pm (if not later).

You have probably heard me bring up Erin Condren in from time to time, however, I swear by her products. And NO, I am not sponsored to mention that! If I don't plug everything onto my office desk calendar, I am bound to get entirely off course.

Another way to really make the ultimate use of your time is to buy a planner with your day outlined by both the hour and 15-minute increments! I phased out of this type of planner, but I may get back into it as the blog is picking up speed come summertime.

When I was in undergrad, I swore by this route of organizing my time; seeing as I was juggling upwards of twenty-six credits per semester in addition to independent projects, greek life (love & roses)...

You get the picture.

When I'm out and about, I carry a pocket calendar that was given to me as a gift then transfer those notes over to my desk calendar as soon as I get home.

Alongside the pocket calendar, I am constantly adding to-do's to my forever growing list It has almost become therapeutic when I get to cross something off my list and - of course - makes me feel incredibly accomplished by implementing this method as I'm working hard / hardly working.

2. Sleep

With having an autoimmune that has a mind of its own AND constantly running all around Rochester with gigs, I need sleep and a ton of it. While nearly all of my friends are still in the mood to go out late at night and grab a drink after a long day or to kick off the weekend, I have certainly turned into twenty-five going on grandmother status.

Forcing myself to stay in after a certain timeframe helps me to relax, ultimately leveling out my stress and blood sugar levels. Another perk is that I get to catch up on my newest hobby (reading) and spend the rest of the night with my fam damily (Alex and the Cats). All of these elements give me the recuperation period I need in order to perform my best for the days and weeks ahead!

3. Treat Yourself

Long day?


Rough day?

Treatyoself even more

Pay raise?


Eyeing that bag?


Life is short. Indulge while you the opportunity is there (just be smart about it, of course). For example: order the pizza (or save money and make a pizza at home). Take a bubble bath. Drink the last glass of wine that that bottle has to offer. Heck, eat the pizza and drink the remainder of the wine while taking a bubble bath...

You do you, kid.

Just promise me you'll take a step back every once in a while and take care of yourself. Pretty please!

4. Immerse Yourself In Good Vibes

For me, this translates to calling my mother, texting my brother, reaching out to my aunt and cousin, or FaceTiming my dad.

When the phone is not attached to my hip, Alex and I will have time to cozy up on the couch and catch up on reading a book or have a movie night on the projector with Calvin & Jet, all eyes glued to the screen.

When we surround ourselves with love and positivity, we are naturally more relaxed and all-around happier. If there is anything I have learned over the course of the last few years, it's that you have the power to remove negativity from your life if you find it fitting and surround yourself with little to no stress.

Now, close out of this page, shut your laptop, and go enjoy your day!

Thanks for reading!

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