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Explore Upstate: LynOaken and Wickham Farms

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

The Ultimate Fall Post

How are we already five-weeks into the school year?

I'm coming up on one full year of substitute teaching at a private school and I absolutely love it! This semester around, however, I am long-term subbing for an art teacher that is on maternity leave. Alongside, I manage to teach private woodwind lessons to a studio of nine!

Incredibly busy. Incredibly rewarding.

Needless to say, some adventures were well overdue after a busy first few weeks of teaching (for most of us, at that)! My dearest friend Madeline & I began new career adventures this school year. We missed celebrating her birthday in the middle of it all, so we've finally carved out some time to catch up during Weekend No. 1 at Wickham Farms in Penfield, New York (a suburb of Rochester).

We caught up over donut eating, apple picking, cider sipping, corn mazing and mini golfing. Wickham Farms has it all! I was also excited to pick the camera back up again. It has seriously felt like an eternity.

As if we hadn't picked enough apples, we met up for Weekend No. 2 with our other college roommates: Molly & Nina. We stayed overnight in Nina's hometown and commuted 30 minutes out the next day to LynOaken Farms in Medina, New York.

Between both weekends, Madeline & I have picked so many apples.

Seriously: we have no excuse to not host a bake-off.

LynOaken offers up some delectable donuts for 80 cents a donut. Bless up! Just bought half a dozen donuts at $3.50 a piece during the Columbus Day holiday. The pricing difference at just an hour away from home plate had nearly been cut in half.

They also have a separate wine tasting room where we got to sample some local wines for only four dollars! We hit the mother load at LynOaken, friends. If you're in the Western, New York area: you have no excuse but to not check this place out!

Okay, okay... enough of me on my soap box, time to talk to you about apple picking! Between classic apples and 'specialty' apples, we all went with the classics. We certainly got our steps in through their never-ending rows of different varieties of the classics.

Total cost for picking half of a peck: five dollars! While on the topic of cost: our local pecks had us paying up fifteen dollars.

We even met some new friends during our visit. Click the video at the top of this post to look through!

Overall, an incredibly successful weekend back together with my college roommates, and an unbelievable kickoff to the autumn season! We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to live so close to each other after all these years. It all flew by way too quickly but we cannot wait to get back together again. Until the next outing!

Where is your favorite place to enjoy the fall festivities? Thanks so much for reading. See you over on the next post!


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