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Roaring Chamber Orchestra Hits New Orleans!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Taking the NOLA classical music scene by storm, director Joel Bein answers our questions about his newly-formed ensemble and the big plans ahead of them (with our help).


The New Orleans Chamber Players! How did the NOCP come about?

NOCP is a brand new group! Our debut concert was in May 2018 featuring Igor Stravinsky’s Octet for Wind Instruments. I have met many of the players in the group since my move to New Orleans in 2016. After attending a concert of the Louisiana Philharmonic, I introduced myself to clarinetist Chris Pell. From there, I began meeting many of the wonderful classical musicians in New Orleans.

What is the NOCP's mission?

Our mission is to inspire people, to invite a connection to their feelings, and to cultivate gratitude for chamber music and our lives. I believe the beauty of music is tightly intertwined to the beauty of humanity. NOCP’s vehicle for this mission is chamber music with and without conductor, utilizing 12 or players or less, and emphasizing wind instruments.

What drew you to studying (and ultimately leading) chamber groups?

Intimacy. Not only in performance, but in rehearsal. I love the atmosphere in the room when leading a rehearsal with only 8 or 9 people. I am also drawn to the sonority of the wind octet in particular.

Has anyone made a positive impact on your career, firsthand?