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  • Elissa May Murphy

10 Reasons To Mandate Self Care In Your Life

One. More. Day.

My body is ready for this upcoming 5-day vacation.


I caught a cold. My body aches. I'm sleepy and there is not enough coffee in the world to cure getting through an entire day.

What Are We Doing?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Except... to fill our bellies with scrumptious food, sing holiday music embarrassingly loud, enjoy the comfort of family and friends, and sleep! Glorious sleep! I've missed sleep. Can someone riddle me what this sleep is?

All jokes aside, it feels like I haven't seen Alex, Calvin and Jet in forever.

Since getting my own set of wheels the night before the beginning of the school year, Alex and I have been working seven days a week. Needless to say, we have both been feeling a little burnt out these last several weeks. When we're not teaching at our respective schools, we are teaching private lessons near and far, Alex has been hard at work on obtaining his graduate degree, I'm writing away, selling concert tickets, and both Alex & I run out in the evenings to perform.

These are all great things! But with it comes a lot of driving, a lot of time apart, and hardly any rest.

If this does not showcase why self care is needed in our lives (and yours, too), then I don't know what will.

Gain some inspiration to taking the best care of yourself from our curated list below.

1) Think About The Future

If you put you first, your future self will thank you.

Taking care of yourself by way of small, simple daily check-ins can help boost your mood.

Is there a law out there that mandates you to put yourself first? If not, then there should be! Also we should patent that...

The more you've got your life together, the less stressed out you will be. This could open up a door of opportunities to boost your mood in the thick of all the incredible work you're doing.

2) Increase Your Levels of Productivity

Not only will your moods be boosted through these long, dark days ahead of us before the spring equinox, your memory can gain some sharpness! I think I speak for the majority in that we embedded in a sleep-deprived culture. In the case of Alex & I, we must keep on our toes this way if we want to bring home the bacon.

3) Less Stress = More Relaxing

This could be taken in a multitude of ways:

4) It's Good For Your Health

Stay heart healthy! Going for a quick walk during your lunch break or carving out extra time during the week to hit the gym will only keep you physically and mentally sane.

5) All The Feels

Although it's okay to feel all the feels, a hectic schedule intermingled with not having the greatest management skills is just a slippery slope leading to total burnout. If you're more inclined to lift a bag of chips over lifting weights, yoga may be a good happy medium for you! You continue to gain flexibility by way of movement in a yoga class and you can heal emotionally with a little help from deep breaths, silence, and awareness. Don't feel like leaving the house? There are plenty of beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials so you can stay come to the mat from the comfort of your own home. Light some candles or diffuse some essential oils for the ultimate zen experience.

6) We're Undercaffeinated & Overwhelmed...

Okay, maybe this is just me... But the schedule has been so locked tight lately that there are days where I don't even have time for coffee.


This also means that there have been days where I haven't even gotten an opportunity to eat. Typically, I can go a while without food so I can truly focus on the tasks at hand that are thrown my way, but mandating self care (especially with an autoimmune cluster) has allowed me to realize that - no matter the schedule - you have to find time to stay hydrated and nourish your body with the nutrients and minerals it craves.

Although we can't help but have those days where time passes us by, a power bar in between class periods accompanied by a tall glass of water is at least something to get by until there's a larger block of time to really munch down... or caffeinate our bloodstreams.

7) Real Life VS Screen Time

Considering the fact that I am writing all of this from my trusty laptop and that screen time has consumed my Sunday evening, it's true! No matter how much I 'live in the here and now' as a teacher by day, my plan periods have my eyes glued to a computer screen. Only to go home and type some blog post material out on my laptop some more,

The only pure 'face to face' time I have is with my private lesson students. It's truly refreshing. I even bring out my old school metronome out to use time and time again so they aren't tempted to take their phones out - even if it's to simply use their metronomes. Call me old fashioned, but it's just the way I like it: being personable.

8) Expressionism

By definition (thanks, Marriam-Webster), Expressionism is: "a theory or practice in art of seeking to depict the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse in the artist."

9) Continuous Learning

We never stop learning, especially about ourselves.

10) All About Soul

In the end, do that which feeds your soul. Based on how time flies versus how short our lives are, it's best to prioritize what is going to make you and your soul happy. A little pampering here or your favorite beverage there could make all the difference in your mood and be the sole proprietor in how you take care of you as time and busyness continues to progress.

What are some ways that you mandate self care in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

Many thanks for tuning in! See you soon over on our next post.


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