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My Favorite Strategies For Personal Management

It's February break.

I am well-rested (in the moment).

Grad school auditions are done.

The house is clean.

I probably sound like I'm a forty-something work-a-holic raising three plus kids...

But tackling all of this is a ton of work!

There's a lot that goes into the attempt to live my best life, so without further ado, let's jump right into my core tips & tricks on how to stay afloat managing one's self.


1. Invest in a tangible planner


1. Using pencil is key for your schedule... As a freelancer, plans are always subject to change!

2. In the planner I own, there are pages distinctively for listing out morning / afternoon / evening plans in a weekly layout. Instead, I try to keep it even more simple by adding everything I have to do - detail by detail - to the monthly outlook section.

3. By going about things this way, there is a physically limited amount of space... (1.5"x1.5"), allowing for me to not wind up overloading my schedule...

4. Over-booking may lead to your energy levels crashing & burning. As a freelancer, you don't want that and you also can't afford that.

5. Having small gaps in my schedule between all gigs allow for me to occasionally sneak a nap in. Keeping rested leads to more energy to use hustling!

2. List Therapy

I mean, c'mon... would it be a post by me if it weren't in the form of a list?

There seems to be an underlying motivation behind adding something to a list versus trying to remember everything you have to do on the cuff... The actual action of crossing something off of a list is very therapeutic for me! In addition, I actually have a greater sense of accomplishment. Just be sure to recycle the scraps afterwards!

3. Weekly Check-ins

On Sunday evening, before the beginning of the school week, I check my week ahead. This allows me to mentally prepare a little bit more and get a slightly better grip on what's to come. At this time, I make sure to reach out to my private students (it allows me to stay in constant touch with them, and they're able to get back to me at their convenience for any conflicts that may be arising the week ahead). Again, everything is subject to change, so be sure to write all of this down in PENCIL. On the contrary, I may pick up additional subbing gigs, so there may be further gigs to add to weekly outlooks at the last minute.


What are your strategies for keeping all your ducks in the same pond? Let me know down below!

Thanks again for your continued support. Be sure to share the blog with your nearest & dearest, and we'll see you over on the next post!


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