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When In Pittsburgh For 24 Hours...

Updated: Jul 25, 2019




You guys.

It's Spring Break.

You know what that means...

All of our hard work running from gig to gig and hardly seeing each other for the last two months has led to this week-long vacation.

Only problem is, my county has scheduled me for jury duty.

Vacation. Ruined.

In lieu of all that encompasses "Spring Break," I turn back to the last vacation Alex & I took with some dear friends of ours. Last summer, we made the trek to Pittsburgh and got to see Mini Mansions & Arctic Monkeys for the second time. Only in Pittsburgh, we were about twenty feet from the stage compared to the lawn of Canandaigua.

It. Was. Incredible.

While we are taking our Spring break from the comfort of our own home, keep scrolling to learn all you need to know in order to hulk smash an overnight stay in Pittsburgh.

Happy vacationing!

1. Where We Stayed...

Stay at the Wyndham Grand

We absolutely loved it there! I got an uninterrupted night's rest (praise Jesus, hallelujah), the view of the city was nice and there was absolutely no noise bleeding through the walls from other rooms. I woke up feeling like a new woman; I was so well-rested and completely relaxed!

We sincerely wish, overall, that we could have spent another night at the Wyndham Grand!

2. What I Packed...

Considering that we were just out of town over night, we didn't pack too much.

In fact, I'm pretty sure Alex & I shared my suitcase that we never ended up packing to the brim...

Naturally, I made sure I had enough of my autoimmune supplies and a separate, smaller bag in order to bring all supplies into the venue.

Here's a list of my top 5 essentials to pack for a daycation

3. Where We Ate...

Market Square was on our list of sites to see during our less than twenty-four hour stay...

While you're at it (because I just know you're in the middle of making plans to visit...), make sure you grab a bite to eat at Primanti Bros. Their sandwiches look absolutely insane and every staff member was so friendly and sincere. The food was prepared directly in front of us. Primanti Bros. is notorious for their sandwiches stuffed with french fries.

Classic, America.


Do not stare at your GPS. While you're at it, no asking for directions. Just walk.

We stumbled upon some beautiful sightings this way. Pittsburgh has so many beautiful bridges and fountains. Walk around any corner, and you'll be sure to feast your eyes on loads of art and beautiful architecture.

4. What Was The Main Attraction?...

Round two of seeing the Arctic Monkeys LIVE, that's what... Because when will the Arctic Monkeys be touring the states again? The world may never know...

Which is why we made the four and a half hour trek to Pittsburgh in the first place!

Even though the streets were crowded from what we thought were entirely AM concert attendees, it turns out there's more to do in Pittsburgh than to catch a show. We heard from locals in passing that so many other major events were occurring during our overnight stay. The catalog spanned from live comedy shows, to a myriad of musical performances, sporting events, and more.

Come to find out, our hotel was just kitty-corner from the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball field. There is so much to do in this city and it is much bigger than our city of Rochester. The heart of downtown Pittsburgh reminds you of New York City as you're surrounded by tall buildings, but the vibe is very calm.

5. What I Regret Not Having Experienced...

Considering the fact that we had to hit the road fairly early, I sincerely regret not waking up a little earlier and sitting down to a solid meal before heading home. I had grown so groggy, hangry, and sore from sitting for the 4.5 hours and there weren't really any stops on the way back in order to pick up healthful, light eats. Lesson learned for next time: invest in room service breakfast delivery in order to have the energy to face the rest of the car ride. Thank goodness I didn't drive us home

And there you have it, friends!

Do you travel during Spring Break? Got your summer plans in order for 2019? We'd love to hear them! Comment below on what you're anticipating for this year.

Many thanks for sticking around. See you over on the next post!


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