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5 Essentials To Pack For A Daycation

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

That's right, we're hitting the open road!

Back to my hometown for the extended Holiday weekend in a couple of days, that is. It may not be the lengthy vacation of my hopes & dreams, but it's home so it's bound to be a little restful and enjoyable. When I'm not working, I'm living under a rock and just trying to continue to lay low and have some R&R time during off-hours.

It's times like these that are nice; the perfect opportunity to come back to planet Earth and truly enjoy the gift of family time and - well - living life.

Having a lot of work to do and supplies to keep track of, however, I always have to tie down my packing list beforehand.

(even if it's as short of a trip as this one)

Here is my list of essentials that you, too, should keep in mind to bring along for your next overnight stay...

1. Medicines

Insulin: check! Injection needles: check! Glucose monitor... you get the picture. If one gets left behind, I'm doomed. Advice I have always taken from my mother: write. it. down! I even bring precautionary medicines such as ibuprofen... I get a lot of knots in my neck and shoulders. I even pack a heating pad in my suit case just for easing the tension before I fall asleep. You'd be surprised how much damage a couple of hours sitting in a car can do to your body's alignment and muscles. I remember being absolutely beat by the time we got back to my hometown for the holidays last year. Now that I've got it written down, I am ready to tackle the open road!

If you are not the type that needs to worry about this sort of thing: still pack a couple of ibuprofens (just in case) OR pack a multivitamin for each day you're away: it seems likely that the more we venture off from our routine lifestyle, the more we are tempted to run out to eat. That said, we may not be picking the smartest choices off the menu, so make up for those missing nutrients with a multivitamin! I, too, am prone to seasonal depression and am in dire need of Vitamin D3 for those Upstate, New York (mostly gloomy) winter days. If you are a Northeasterner, pack plenty of it!

2. Self Care Products

We are in the thick of the dry weather season. Although you can and should certainly pack any of the beauty products you sport for an evening on the town, especially take note of those simple products you'll need in order to leave your skin hydrated and healthy.

We are only staying in my hometown for two nights, maximum, but I am packing those simple, minimal products that I need to leave me feeling refreshed. When in doubt, just pack the darn products. You'll be glad you did, and you'll thank me later. Also included in this category: hair brush, tooth brush, deodorant, body spray, etc., because...well... duh.

3. Clothes

All the knits: two layers of socks, cozy sweatpants, matching pajama sets, and - for goodness sake - it's "sweaterweather." For a near overnighter like this one, I packed lightly and minimally (my mother must have been so proud when she saw that Alex's and I had shared a suitcase instead of having two separate, filled-to-the-brim bags, but I was still able to pack a couple of outfit options in case we decide to stay an extra night or just because I'm a very indecisive person. I have a small family. We don't go all out for the holidays. We keep things very simple, so my outfit choices are shameless and allow me to feel extra cozy.

4. Off-Season Items (Miscellaneous)

My old room seconds as a storage unit for seasonal items... Although it's December (I haven't been back home since May... I think...) I am finally able to bring my summer wardrobe back to pack away for a few months and pick up any layering pieces for wintertime that I may have left behind from the last trip. Shoutout to Mama Murph for visiting a couple months ago to bring me most / all of my warm, cozy wardrobe!

The breakdown:


Cozy knit sweater (LLBean), Leggings, Knee-high cabin socks from Wegmans... Yes, Wegmans (similar here)...

don't forget the Hunter Boots


pajama set made by Kate Spade... I will be sporting these for as long as humanly possible before leaving the house for Christmas dinner... And I am not ashamed...


long-sleeve ribbed tee & overalls (similar here)

5. Gadgets & Paperback

In my profession, I see a two and a half hour car ride as prime time opportunity to catch up on writing some blog posts, editing some formatting on the website, reaching out for questions on upcoming gigs, and more! However, don't forget that two and a half hours away means two and a half hours back! I do occasionally rest up in between attempting to be productive. This either means a long nap OR winding down by reading a book. For this trip, that's five hours of total 'down time.' As a freelancer, you naturally get into a habit of wasting no time! I packed my laptop, phone, chargers, and The Postcard Killers by James Patterson.

What's essential on your daycation packing list?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Many thanks for reading! Until next time, Happy Holidays from our families to yours!


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