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Another Year, Another Show

Piccolo. Flute. Clarinet. Bass Clarinet. Alto Sax. Tenor Sax. 🙌🏼

I'm so excited to return to Blackfriars Theatre for our sixth production together: reeds for Spamalot!

This show begins as soon as the school year does so I'll be making the 80-minute trek back & forth between Rochester and the other side of the Finger Lakes.

That said, I've listed my performances below. Remaining shows are listed at and are covered by the great Kenny Foster! You won’t want to miss this one. Hope to see you there!


9/10 - 8pm

9/11 - 2pm

9/16 - 8pm

9/17 - 8pm

9/18 - 2pm

9/23 - 8pm

9/24 - 8pm

9/25 - 2pm