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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

More home updates!

I love giving you guys home updates like we are actually home owners.

We still rent half of a house that we moved into after graduating from college. Slowly but surely, this house has turned into our home (despite renting over buying).

We have been de-cluttering our space like a couple of mad millennials! And - dare I say - we've been going through the step-by-step process of the Konmari method. I wish we had "before" photos of this transformation. I ended up opting out of taking any photos beforehand because I honestly didn't believe that I would see a difference or fully commit to this project (don't judge, I'm busy).

Honey, was I wrong...

For starters, here is an "after" photo of step number one: clothing. Through the Konmari method, you place all of the clothes you own and lay them atop of your tidied-up bed. Never have I ever seen anything more beautiful in my life!

This post's purpose is to give you - the reader - an update on a combination of steps two and three: books and paper, but mostly books (you'll be able to see what I mean momentarily). Ever since completing these steps, we have noticed just how many libraries are in our space!

Our libraries are divided into four categories and take up several shelving units throughout our apartment. There's always something to explore and look through for a cozy evening in.

Light some candles, grab a blanket, and hygge out with us!

Let's talk about libraries...

I loved going to our public library as a kid. The Dunham Public Library was one of my favorite places in town! The atmosphere was so inviting, and the proud feeling of writing my signature in cursive on the back of my highlighter yellow library card literally gave me chills. There was a sunken pit for the children to go down and lay in a sea of overly-large stuffed animals and occasionally be read to when we didn't have books picked out ourselves.

Now that we are living clutter-free like never before, our apartment has turned into a cozy place to relax while displaying several library catalogs throughout its parameter. Alongside my Pinterest obsession, I am a sucker for a beautifully displayed library. Check out our libraries below!

1. Music

Now that I am a Flute Studio mom of eleven (be right back, gotta go sob), I needed saving when it narrowed down to organizing my flute music, lesson books, and notes.

As you can see in the photo above, I've got an entire shelf dedicated to flute music: Concertos on the left, followed by solo flute repertoire, duets, etudes, orchestral studies, and finishing the remainder of the shelf space with my binder of notes from high school to present! A couple binders are filled with miscellaneous pieces (in alphabetical order) that I can refer back to for wedding gigs, cocktail hours, and more!

2. Entertainment

This segment contains our CD collection (yup, CD collection), DVD (I know) collection, and our personal favorite... Vinyl collection! The CDs and DVDs reside in our office & entertainment space. The vinyl collection resides in the studio space next to Alex's drum set and across from our upright piano.

Check out our ever-expanding vinyl collection here!

Our evening outlook consists of listening to vinyl while making dinner, chatting over said dinner, and ending the night with a movie in the Office & Entertainment space.

3. His & Her Books

An unforeseen and ultimately unfortunate circumstance allowed for the inheritance of the majority of our book collection. Our apartment is filled to the brim with books of all page-lengths and genres. From books that direct you on growing a business idea into reality, to dozens of James Patterson books and the entire Harry Potter series (that I have yet to read -- I know I am a disgrace to my generation and I am sorry), there is always something new and exciting to get our hands on!

Knowing how organized we like to be, our books are categorized by His on one shelf, mine on another, a third shelf for books we are both itching to read, and my flute catalog (^) on the bottom shelf. This shelf resides in our studio space.

Over in the office & entertainment space, we've got yet another shelf filled to the brim with books! These books have yet to be read... we're taking these reads on one at a time. The top shelf contains James Patterson's Women's Murder Mystery Club series. The bottom shelf contains more Patterson, Coulter, and other miscellaneous murder mysteries.

I am currently reading James Patterson's The Postcard Killers. I am on Chapter 25 and I am hooked! My goal for this year, in general, is to read twenty-five books in total. Do you think I can do it? Let me know what you've been reading recently in the comments!

4. Office Filings

The contents on this shelf range from my personal portfolio of freelance shenanigans to Stedwells archives and any business files that pertain to the transition of this blog to (hopefully soon) a business!

All the important papers, that is, sit on this shelf. That way we have easy access to pulling information we may need last-minute.

We're trying really hard, people.

BONUS: Kitchenette

Since its surprise publication last week (I completely forgot to finish this post before it went live - oops - I'm busy), I have since added this "library" to the list... No. 4 1/2, if you will...

Unintentionally setting a goal in our minds to dine in more at the homestead, Alex & I have come up with some seriously delicious recipes! I have to constantly check my blood sugar levels and keep with the carb-counting. Since sticking to an at-home regiment (sorry, scrumptious & local businesses), the guessing game has been thrown out the window entirely! It's not even mid-February and let me tell you: we are saving so much money and are visibly able to see that in our financial accounts. Hooray!

I'm sure we will have a singularly designated Library room of our own down the line (literally one of my biggest dreams), but until then, we've got a great system going for the provided space we are currently sporting...

It works for us and that's all that matters!

I want to hear from you now... What does your ideal / dream space look like? Describe it down below in the comments - we'd love to hear all about it!

Thanks so much for reading. See you over on the next post!


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