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NOTA: BXCR and Public Market

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Rainy Day Off In The NOTA Outskirts

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It's not too often that I have a day off from work, let alone Alex & I having a day off together.

I'm sure we are all going through the same thing - the curse of a hectic schedule! We live in a society where we are constantly working. Nonstop. Whether it be for the glory of climbing up the employment ladder, or making up for those overdue expenses.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Rochester is my new home. God only knows what the future will bring, but I'm so happy that life has led me here. This town holds a great combination of city living without the hustle & bustle of bigger-name cities across the globe.

It's no surprise that we, too, have incredible local businesses; especially in the food & beverage industry. Rochester has allowed for an easy transition from chain coffee drive-throughs to locally-made goodies on nearly every corner. Trust me when I say: I am spoiled to live here.

En route to the public market itself , many more businesses have begun developing around, including boxcar donuts (BXCR)! I was so excited to finally check it out in-person. We have had their donuts before at the Glen Edith Coffee Roasters location (dangerously one-tenth of a mile from our apartment).

A stroll through the Rochester Public Market was well overdue. Normally, the public market is open on the days I am working. This week, however, my schedule flipped around and I was able to make a stop down the street before the morning rush.

This is an absolutely adorable space! I honestly wasn't expecting this to happen, but they already had their fall flavors out for donuts.

I couldn't help myself, nor could I restrain from buying pumpkin and cider everything while visiting. I grabbed my morning caffeine fix, and we headed for the market. We saved the half dozen donuts to eat at the house while we got our work done.

Don't get us wrong: we love our Wegmans, but nothing beats the prices at the public market! Fresh produce for a fraction of the cost and supporting our local community...

You can't go wrong!

One apple cider donut and one pumpkin glaze were shamelessly consumed for breakfast.