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One Final Month of David Levinthal: War, Myth, Desire

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Welcome back, Rochester (and friends)!

So much has happened this week. I turned twenty-six! I had a successful doctor's appointment before I get booted off my parents' insurance policy and hop over to Medicaid (yay adulthood). I just ended an incredible experience as a temporary 6-12 Art Teacher (more about that in another post this week), and I have finally finished up my graduate school applications!

To end the week full of incredible milestones, some of my nearest & dearest friends are in town for the NYSSMA Winter Conference. They are traveling from near & far. I'm looking forward to catching up with most over a Shot In The Dark from one of my favorite local hot spots!

Another thing I love about this particular weekend each year is that I get to boast about my city to all of my friends while showing them around some of my favorite places!

From quick coffee pick-me-ups beside Eastman to grabbing grub along Park Avenue, there's nothing not to love in the 585. This year, I wanted to show some of my closest friends one of my favorite stops: The George Eastman Museum!

David Levinthal is an artist who uses his imagination and toys to create scenes that tell a story. Some of his photographs are based on real events, while others are inspired by fantasy.

Dig deeper into these pictures and the stories they tell.

Caution: Adults may wish to preview the areas of the exhibition before touring with children or teens (two by the entrance and one in the furthest right corner of the exhibit)

Sparking Conversation:

Think about these questions while you look at the photographs in the exhibition...

Can you identify the toys in the photograph?

Do you have any toys that are similar to the ones you see?

How do you play with the kinds of toys that are pictured?

What story do you think is being told in this photograph?

After you have looked at some of the photographs, think about the following...

What makes something a toy?

Are all of the objects in the photographs toys?

What is your favorite photograph in the exhibition? Why?

Play Like Levinthal:

Create your own scenes and pictures!

Head up to the Discovery Room (located on the 2nd floor of the mansion) to make your own art inspired by David Levinthal's photographs. The Eastman Museum encourages you to share your creations online (no matter your age) using the hashtags #DavidLevinthal and #GEMKids

Major support for the exhibition has been provided by the Henry Luce Foundation.

Additional support provided by the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

This exhibit will run through January 1, 2019. Thanks so much for viewing, and we'll see you over on our next post!


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