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Facial Arts: Sporting Bare Face In The Cosmetics Era

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Welcome to 2019...

Where beauty tutorials take the web by storm on all social platforms.

As a teacher by day and freelancer by night, I've recently noticed my middle school students being more in-the-know about all the different products out there than I know!

I don't get it.

I mean, I do get it... It's the intro to the angsty teen phase. My younger cousins are all about this stuff, too. It's typically in a female's nature to have an understanding of these products and how to apply them...


Some students as young as twelve (give or take) show up to school applying all of these cosmetic products to their ever-changing, youthful skin. Although this platform is considered to be an Art form (to which I couldn't agree more)...

It's not for me.

In our day-in-age where applying layers of beauty products are all the rage, I choose to go bare-faced.

Here is why...

1. Patience Tester

There you go, Elissa, just put the hat on, dress it down, run out the door, and you are golden, girl...

Beauty products, to me, take so much effort... There seems to almost be an immediate blockade between beauty products & my now twenty-six year old self. Nevertheless, trying to incorporate each step-by-step at my ripe age seems a tad silly.

I'm sure everyone has their own take on this topic, but I simply cannot afford to get in front of that ill-lit mirror (the only mirror in our apartment) for God-knows how long in attempt to perfect each and every step.

My obsessive-compulsiveness would not be able to handle it: stress raises blood sugar levels... excuses, excuses, excuses.

Not to quit while I'm ahead or anything, but... Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Sorry that I'm not ashamed.

Simply, I have no patience for this.


2. Cha-Ching!

If I have dreams of going to graduate school, buying a little cottage and seeing more of the world (all while being a freelance artist, mind you…), there is absolutely no additional room in my budget to splurge on ‘the essentials’ of an every day beauty routine.

(ain’t no freelancer got thirty-nine dollars for the too faced born this way… c'mon now)…

On the contrary, concealer isn’t that expensive, but the countless number of routines I have stumbled upon throughout my social media handles has gotten me overwhelmed with where to begin while on the topic of investing in cosmetic products...

From setting powders for sixty dollars, to bronzers for fifteen dollars and from thirty-dollar blushes, to highlighter atop… $$

But wait! That’s not all…

Thirty-dollar "brow fillers"… two eye shadow palettes because the initial palette failed to provide all necessary colors for your eyelids (twenty-five dollars per palette – if not more), and let us not forget: brushes.

Purchasing makeup brush kits - to me - are a beast in and of themselves. The self-proclaimed beauty gurus of the world have taken the extent to not only invest in brush kits, but additional brushes tailored to the look they are attempting to convey.

Maybe it's like a painter in need of particular brushes to broadcast a different style than that of the others or get int the tiniest creases of the eyelid in order to create a higher-quality effect?

I don't know.

Someone please explain this to me...

Shall I continue?

Lash serums. Yes, lash serums. Sixty-five dollar lash serums...

And to top off the look, liquid lipstick with a side of liquid lip gloss (sold separately) to go on top of said liquid lipstick…

Total cost: $$ Overwhelmed $$

3. Self Care > Beauty Products

Last year, I wrote an entire post about living my best life by way of how the Parisians do things!

They live ever so simply.

Although not every Parisian goes without cosmetic products, they embrace their natural beauty and invest their precious time and money toward the skin care products over beauty products.

And for that, I'm with Paris on this one!

Sorry, America.

Flip through the archives with me on how I live like a Parisian (and how you can, too).

4. Keeping Skin Clear

Let’s talk about our skin for a minute:

As a freelancer, every day is different and – dare I say – unpredictable.

Some workdays begin as early as 5am and end as late as 2am the following morning. By the time I get home, I just want to sleep.

RED FLAG: The amount of times in the past that I have attempted to sport a face full of ‘makeup’ ends up staying on my face while fast asleep due to those tireless work days.

This is the worst possible thing we can do for our skin! Pores become clogged. By the time you go to wake up the next morning, you can’t open your eyelids because of the caked mascara you ultimately failed to take off before hitting the hay...

Not to mention...


As if it didn’t take approximately an hour or more to get ready for a night of working merch or gigging, investing in beauty products don’t just mean investing your well-earned money.

More importantly (for me, at least), investing in beauty products are an investment of time (and lots of it).

I don’t know about you, but my time is precious. I’d rather spend the time continuing to sit and write or create a tangible product than spending time trying to put a face on.

You couldn't pay me enough to "do it for the 'Gram." In lieu thereof, I shall bless the internet with photos of my home and of my cats.

The Whole System Is Corrupt. Meow!

{All Hail New Girl References}

6. Minimalism

Many folks proclaim that Minimalism is soon to be a fad that will soon fizzle. Alex & I, however, attempt to live a minimal-based lifestyle for the sake of saving money and time down the line.

In the meantime, I'll stick to my basic * SKIN CARE * products in order to sport a glowing, bare face.

Even if I were caught up in the movement I prefer to call Facial Arts, where would we have the space to fit all of these cosmetic products, anyway? As my grandmother would have put it, “Waste not, Want not.”

7. Lasting Impressions

Who am I trying to impress?


Sorry, Alex...

Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy the little-to-no pressure placed on me when it comes to sporting beauty products on my face.

However, it didn’t used to be this way! Previous employers had harped on me not sporting a face back in the day. The result: they are no longer my employer.

The Whole System Is Corrupt. Meow!

As a teacher, there are no pressures in wearing makeup (unless I haven't gotten the memo). And for that, I couldn't be any more thrilled (or relieved).

With the busy lifestyle I sport on a daily basis, I prefer to get up, enjoy time to myself with the cats and Alex over a cup of coffee, then run out the door.

You do you, kiddo! Just make sure to love yourself first.

What is your take on beauty?

Let us know in the comments below!


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