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I'm Moving! Read My Sappy Commemorative Post


One month until the move. I'll announce it soon, but if you're one of the few that know, PLEASE be respectful and don't share my news, for it's still an incredibly touchy subject as I unexpectedly leave my former district and prepare for this next season of life.

All in all, this apartment was my happy place for the last two years, and I was lucky to be the unit's first tenant.

The photos don't do it justice.

This place means so so so so much to me.

It's where I got out of my comfort zone and experimented a bunch with F&B in this stunning kitchen. It's where I learned how much I LOVE my solitude, and in-home libraries will forever be favored over TV rooms. It's where I got a free Peloton bike and met my first - and last - mousey friend. (Jet took care of it. I had no say in the matter).

It's where I got to zen after tireless days reviving a program as the fifth (or sixth?) consecutive director in six years. It's where I got to drive down frequently to Skaneateles and know what it's like to feel truly at peace.

Most importantly, it's where I met my 'upstairs Russian neighbor' Sasha during a harsh, wintry fire drill... The kind that leaves you ugly-girl crying trying to evacuate pets from loud sirens, scrunching together in vehicles for over an hour to keep warm... only to find out that everything was fine and it was just a drill... To this day, she's still one of my dearest friends despite the distance (she moved to the Pacific NW and is winning at life).

If you're looking to move to this side of the Finger Lakes, take this apartment over so I can visit.

PS: Your neighbor would be Wegmans. Come on.

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