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January Favorites (2019)

Updated: Feb 6

Hello, 2019!

It's me again.

We are already off to a terrific start to the New Year. So far, I have maintained a healthy morning ritual, I have my trusty planner at my side ready to manage my jam-packed freelance schedule, and I have gathered a necessary list of delicious treats to pick from in order to maintain leveled blood glucose levels!

I even ran!

Yep, I ran.

I haven't ran since seventh grade. I couldn't feel my legs for the three proceeding days.

Worth it? Absolutely.

I mean, c'mon I ran! I had energy for a change! 2019 is looking pretty grand from over here.

In light, I have curated some other favorite things from the month, thus far. I'm thinking about doing a monthly highlight reel. What do you think? Please let me know so I can keep creating what you would genuinely be interested in reading.

From new, artistic discoveries between myself and other artists, here's my January list of favorites. We may only be eight days in, but I've got a pretty good feeling that these faves are going to stick around to the end of the month.

1) Rose Absolute by Karen Tanaka

What began as a typical morning commute to work listening to WXXI has turned into becoming addicted to this composition... Karen Tanaka's Rose Absolute. If you are in need of a piece of music to listen to as a pick-me-up before going off and facing the day, look no further. Listening to Tanaka's work has left a lasting impression on me and leaves me to feel inspired!

I found the back story of this composition to be both compelling and familiar: in the world of blogging, we occasionally partner with companies to promote products and possibly make a small commission; we can call this affiliate marketing. Like an affiliate marketing a product on a blog, Karen Tanaka's Rose Absolute was composed to describe a perfume. It seems as though Tanaka is an influencer on this perfume by way of her composition. What a creative, innovative way to market a work of art by none other than composing a masterpiece.

Listen to a short excerpt here

2) 300 Writing Prompts

My best friend Madeline gifted this to me for Christmas and I am obsessed! I've seen it around the stores we shop at over the last several months and admired from afar, but I had never thought about purchasing it for myself!

Weird. Not like I'm a writer or anything...

If there's anyone that knows me, it's Mads! This was the perfect gift and I have been writing in it nearly every day since having received it. When I have more down time, I'm writing five or more guided prompts at a time. It's the perfect way for me to unwind and treat myself to growing as a writer and a person.

Thanks, girl!

Also: she gifted me an impeccable book called "Why does my cat do that?" It's like she knows me. And the award for best gift-giver goes to...

3) Adult Coloring

I never thought I would be talking about adult coloring on my blog.


This has been a phase I had once despised. I found it to just be a craze that would soon fade and I don't believe that there is much hype about adult coloring like there used to be a couple years ago. I never understood this fad until I decided to dive in deeper.

This month, I have finally decided to put the two coloring books we have to good use. Whenever I'm "having a day" or I ultimately find some free time between all the hustle and bustle, this activity, too, allows me to unwind after a long day. I mean - heck - I have begun to incorporate this fun activity into my morning routine before I go to face the teaching day.

I've linked a couple of adult coloring books below for your purchasing pleasure... In the meantime, check out my morning routine here!

Coloring Book No. 1

Coloring Book No. 2

Coloring Book No. 3

4) Alex's Gretsch

Serious news: I've got some competition...

Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful.

But he is in love.

And I don't blame him one bit: even I am starting to fall in love with it! Alex's new, custom Gretsch drums look and sound absolutely incredible! Alex is still waiting to replace some of the drum heads until his new love is completely set!

Might I add, this is his third drum set.

I know, I'm wondering the same thing: so, which one are you going to sell?

Answer: none of the above.

Goodbye, hopes & dreams of owning a little cottage.

And those, my friends, are my January favorites!

What have you been swooning over at the start of this lovely New Year? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you, as always, for reading. We'll see you over on our next post!


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