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  • Elissa May Murphy

Ladies Of The Lake

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of getting up bright & early to face the day with my friend Madeline. We drove out to the school she had been long-term subbing for in order for me to judge a mock-NYSSMA solo for one of her flute students.

Afterwards, we hit the road to check out more of Canandaigua, a suburb that's quite outside of Downtown. I've heard from private students of mine just how beautiful this area is, but believe me when I say that these pictures don't even do our visit justice.

If you're ever in the Western, New York region, I highly recommend checking out Canandaigua. Especially in the summertime!

Check it out below!

Lady Of The Lake

Though this post is titled 'ladies of the lake,' the true 'Lady' of the Lake was said to be an Arthurian legend. Back in King Arthur time, the Lady of the Lake was an enchantress within medieval literature that she catches King Arthur's sword under water as he's dying.

The people were unbelievably friendly. One gentleman in passing mentioned that we were allowed to walk down the docks, as they are owned by the City of Rochester. As we were walking along pier number two, another gentleman noticed that we were glancing at all of the garages that were "for sale," and he allowed for us to look through the one that belongs to his family! Stay tuned, as we are soon to go back and tell you all about the story of John C., along with how and when his family obtained this beauty over on our YouTube Channel!

Surprise! Stay Tuned!

Other Hot Spots To Visit In Canandaigua:

Sonnenberg Gardens

Finger Lakes Wine Country

(the aftermath of the two previous photos... zoom in)

We hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we did exploring more of Greater Rochester and all it has to offer!

Where are you traveling to this summer? Let us know down below.


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