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  • Elissa May Murphy

Less Than 24 Hours In Frederick, Maryland

In case you haven't seen it just yet, I just posted a travel post from our summer Charlotte travels. If you haven't checked that one out yet, go and do that first! I'll link it here...

Eighty days late to the game on this post, but I can't help but share how incredible these vacation destinations were for us this summer! These trips were just the recharge we needed before running around like maniacs (again).

This was a very spur-of-the-moment decision for the two of us. It took a little convincing on my end but at the end of the trip, Alex & I are both glad we not only broke up the driving time between Charlotte NC and Rochester, but we're glad we had an incredible less-than-24-hour overnighter in Maryland!

Alex had been to MD prior to this overnighter, but I wanted to check another state off my list (during this trip, I came to the self-discovery that I want to visit every state in the United States before I die). Frederick, Maryland, you didn't disappoint!

The Residence Inn was laid out like an apartment unit.

We went into the city to discover that the vibe is a Skaneateles / Saratoga Springs hybrid.

Margaritas were consumed. Laughs were exchanged. And Alex ate all the seafood.

We ended the night with a swim and watched Stranger Things Season III. We loved this quaint town so much that we woke up extra early to take another stroll before heading back to Rochester.

Where was your favorite summer vacation destination? Let me know down below. Many thanks for reading! Until next time...