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5 Munchies For Your Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

I am a type one liveabetic living the dream as a freelance artist, educator, and writer.

With this lifestyle comes the need to continue eating well while regularly monitoring my blood glucose levels. This is easier said than done as I realistically run from job to job. The fast-paced lifestyle leaves me with minimal time to run home, prep a hearty meal, and sit down at the table to enjoy. If the opportunity arises to grab a bite to eat while on the town, the likelihood my blood sugar rises exponentially (at that point, it's a mere guesstimation at the amount of carb intake).

All said, it is super important for me to come up with a snacking system to get me through the day; leaving me with a full stomach, monitored levels, and loads of energy to get me from one job to the next.

Whether or not you have liveabetes (it's not diabetes... I'm not dying), look to these hearty snacks to keep you on the run!

Orchard Valley Harvest Trail Mix (18g)

Get this: since moving to Rochester, Alex and I have not gone out to a Wal Mart!

There's certainly no need to - we have a Wegmans and a Hart's Local Grocers within a mile from the homestead.

However, whenever my mom and I get together, she picks up several packs of these Orchard Valley Harvest nut & seed mixes that contain no artificial ingredients. They are chock-full of protein and contain a good source of antioxidants and Vitamin E. These packs are absolutely perfect for keeping my energy levels up while on the run!

Alongside, they leave me feeling full.

What's not to like about these?

Just over one point in the live-a-betic carbohydrate-scale, my favorite kind is the cranberry almond cashew blend: dried, sweetened cranberries, almonds, & sea-salted cashews. Delish!

Other favorites consist of almonds, dried & sweetened cranberries, walnuts, and chickpeas!

Orchard Valley Harvest even carries several variations that are ready as a topper for your next salad.

That does it, I'll take one of everything.

Skinny Pop Popcorn (15g / 3 cups)

Going to late night events are both a blessing and a curse: for one, hooray for getting out of the house and socializing! On the other hand, there is temptation all around in the food & beverage department. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of Hocus Pocus last October, our city hosted an outdoor movie night in celebration! There were cocktails and candy galore! Only one problem: none of these things are good for you. Carb-counting in this atmosphere continues to be a wild guess.

My best friend Madeline, however, saved the day that night! She joined us for the occasion and brought a bag of Skinny Pop popcorn. I immediately thanked her for the offer, told her I couldn't have it.

Guess again: After checking the nutrition label, you can shamelessly indulge and - dare I say - pig out to this stuff (approximately 3 cups of popcorn = 1 carb point). Thanks be to Mads for introducing me to this addictive treat!

Fresh Fruit (varies)

This one is subject to the season we're in. Be it summertime, Alex & I are splitting a bowl of mixed berries: blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. We mix these to create smoothies, too, which helps us to meal prep for when school is back in session.

For fall into winter, we are all about apples (higher carb-count, but you can make a 'meal' out of this by dunking the slices in peanut butter). We, too, buy these big bundles of clementines at a time to easily incorporate into a meal plan. Clementines are also great for if and when I need to raise my levels the smart way during a low spell.

Afterwards comes Spring: at this point in the freelance season, I am running around like a maniac and it's very likely that I need coffee and a kitten (or just a good nap). I go from teaching all day, to running out teaching private lessons, and ending my day catching a show of Alex's or playing one of my own. Around this time of season, I resort to pre-picked pomegranate arils, rich of antioxidants by POMPOM (16g/serving)!

My Favorite Concoction (20g / slice)

This is my absolute favorite thing to prep and eat at the homestead. Not only is it quick and easy to make, but it's a carbohydrate saver.

Base: Use a toast of your choice (we use whole grain at the house, which has a higher carb count than other breads around). After letting that hang out in the toaster oven, spread on peanut butter. Then, you add the fixings...

The Fixings: Add as much as you'd like in the following order:

1. Cinnamon Sugar

2. Chia Seeds

3. Cononut Flakes

Peanut butter provides protein, cinnamon aids in regulating blood sugar levels, chia seeds are known to provide an energy boost, and coconut flakes are merely for added taste. Too much of the coconut flakes, by the way, will reap you of any nutritional value, so use sparingly!

An extra perk: when you buy the chia seeds and coconut flakes in bulk at the grocery store, you only need about a quarter of a cup at most! It will last you approximately six months due to the shelf life of coconut flakes (two to four years if you store the chia seeds in their own mason jar). The best part: it costs less than a dollar to purchase both! Six-month shelf life and less than a dollar? Sign me up for life.

Coffee & Tea (0g / No Additives)

Chances are likely that you'll catch me with a mug in my hand while I'm running from classroom to classroom. You will see me drinking coffee and tea all day: Coffee in the morning (nothing added = zero grams of carbs) and peppermint tea in the afternoon (also zero grams of carbs with no additives).

Indulging with a cup of coffee or tea between meals cures any additional cravings in between my 3-4 meals per day without my blood sugar having to sacrificially spike.

Greens (<3g / serving)

No matter if Alex and I are having pizza or salmon for dinner... we add a side 'salad.' Sometimes, however, I'm sick of all the fixings and dressing.

I know, it's weird. As crazy as it sounds, I have had countless dinners where my 'side salad' consists entirely of greens! Maybe it's due to the carb-counting, maybe I just want greens to shovel down and get it over with so I can move along to the good stuff... because pizza...

Flavored Water (0g)

Remember how I just mentioned in my last post that I essentially work so Wegmans can take all of my money? In case you haven't, I give them my money because they literally make everything so perfect.

From the experience shopping in the grocery store, to the quality of the food they provide. Going to Wegmans in your lifetime should be added to your bucket list.

There aren't too many options for zero-carb beverages (aside from water, tea, and plain coffee). It's nice to switch up a routine with these flavored seltzer waters that Wegmans makes.

If you're not into the carbonated waters, Wegmans carries a flattened variation that tastes incredible, too. Our favorite ones that we keep stocked in our fridge are the tangerine (flat) and the Mint & Lime (carbonated). Zero carbs, zero shame in splurging on multiple flavors!

What snacks do you swear by for your on-the-go days?

Let us know down below.

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