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Solo Venture: A Series (I Hope)

Whether quiet or more obvious, the rhythms of life are always influencing and impacting our lives, offering us a reminder that we are all in a continuous state of transition.

In anticipation of Fall, this is a time to shed layers; making space for new growth and expansion. For most of my inner circle: we're on the brink of a new school year, the storm after a summer of (somewhat) calm. But this should also be a time to remember the joy and connection in nourishing ourselves [and perhaps others] as well as a time to take note of experiences we have gathered in the year to this point.

(old pic // same gear)

We can return to center during this innately introspective season to what matters most. For me, it's learning to prioritize my priority. That priority - in recent - is to see more of the world, inch by inch. Growing up in an art-of-getting-by-income household, I inevitably didn't venture out much. I tried setting out for schooling and work out of state and out of the country throughout the years, but the universe - for whatever reason - has decided to keep me in my home state. Fair enough.

In reflection, 2022 has been an unexpected year of travels. The beginning of the year was slow-coming in regards to venturing out, but probably for the best as a first-year teacher gearing up for my first musical experience as pit conductor. This, in turn, was accompanied by its own set of responsibilities, and staying local was certainly for the best. Alongside, I was slowly becoming acquainted with my new local scene after moving to the other side of the Finger Lakes.

(Getting lost in Mission Hill; April 2022)

Unexpectedly, however, life during my first ever Spring Break from school pulled me in the direction of Boston; a city I had never seen before (let alone, alone) and fell in love with instantly. My first visit was just for two nights. The first thing I learned on my trip was that two nights in Boston is not enough, nor will it ever be enough. So I set it in my heart and budget to venture back as soon as I could. Little did I know, I'd be back as soon as August.

Fast forward to the end of my first school year, receiving my first end-of-year "big girl check," my financially naive self perused to the interweb to see what I could reward myself with for a job well done (or - at least - a job well survived). I discovered that one of my favorite bands of all time - Fleet Foxes - had recently announced their Shore Tour, stopping in Boston before taking their tour to Europe. I purchased a ticket as close to the stage as I could. The first time I visited Boston back in April, I drove the 5.5 hours but wound up Uber-ing everywhere to dodge traffic and bouts of anxiety. This time, I booked a roundtrip train ticket, boarded, and began writing what will hopefully be a series of published books before I croak. I spent three whole nights in my new favorite city, and I learned - once again - that three nights in Boston is not enough.