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The Importance of Private Lessons - Instrumental Music

Hi everyone!

Please enjoy my first YouTube video where I go on a little TEDxTalk about my private student Natalie premiering her first ever music composition for 100+ people at the Equal Rights Heritage Center in Auburn. I wish I was this cool when I was 10. Congrats, Natalie!!

It was so fun to see her creativity unfold in front of my eyes on a weekly basis with this project. One of my [many] quirky sayings as a music teacher has been, "don't limit your creativity."

As a full-time teacher, especially when you're the only instrumental representative district-wide, group lessons are inevitably the way to go. However, a downside to this way of scheduling is the limit in capability to individualize instruction.

Private lessons allow for a unique and enriching opportunity to dive deeper into concepts that may not get as much direct time and attention during group sessions. From experience, this is merely due to time constraints and scheduling, especially when you're the only one teaching in a district. There are obviously other factors (esp. finances) that are a determining factor, which could be its own TEDxTalk but I'll spare those details for now.

It's been a pleasure getting to work with this little one and I look forward to continue to see where her musical path takes her for years to come!

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